The park lays on 320 hectare, it is filled and crossed by streams and rivers, and surrounded by mountains.  This region is home to deer, mouflons, wild boar and other animals in their natural habitat. 
The human intervention in this park is minimum, a few forest roads and the fencing of the area. 
Our purpose was to offer maximum freedom to the animals living there, and by so, they can develop and grow in their natural habitat. We are proud of the fact, that Transylvania is one of the major natural resources and that we contribute to this part, this is why we try to live with green agriculture and to protect the nature that surrounds us, and live environmental friendly lives. 

Our reservation is in its natural environment, and because of this, the animals from there are not used to a lot of human contact. They do not need food supplies or hormonal treatments. They only eat the food that is found in the park. This stress free environment, where food is given and human contact is missing, the space for movement is big, this is what helps the healthy reproduction of the animals living there.  Please come and discover the wildlife of our park! Come on a hike or on a horseback, and you can capture your experience on photographs as well as on videos.   
These leisure programs are good for any age. For more information and reservation, please contact our colleagues, and if you plan to stay longer, we can help you with accommodation to.  


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